NM OZ Interagency Task Force:

FundIt-Community is a collaborative group composed of over 15 Federal and State funding agencies, Council of Government Directors, NMEDD Regional Reps and Community Foundations. The group meets quarterly to reveiw community/economic developent and infrastructure projects. FundIt-Community acts as the official NM OZ Interagency Task Force. All viable OZ projects will be presented to the FundIt group. OZ projects will be emailed to the group and will have the option of presenting in person at a quarterly meeting. Participating agencies include:

Partner Resources:

  • NMEDD hosts two OZ Forums per year. You can register for the upcoming NM OZ Forum, August 27 in ABQ HERE.
  • NMEDD hosts quarterly webinar discussions for communities/interested parties to join the conversation, ask questions, get updates, report on news/projects around the state.

The White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council has put together a fantastic list of over 160 Federal programs where targeting, preference, or additional support could be granted to OZs.

Sign-up to Receive OZ Project Inquiries and News Updates:

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  1. Projects are submitted through the NM OZ Project Portal.
  2. NMEDD vets the project and summarizes the information.
  3. Project is sent out to the NM OZ Email List.
  4. You connect with the project by following-up with the respective contact.